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Our strategy

Saferworld aims to contribute to sustainable change and lasting peace in five key ways.

We aim to:

  • Strengthen people’s security and access to justice through the development and effective delivery of responsive, accountable and locally-appropriate security and justice
  • Challenge gender norms that cause and perpetuate conflict and insecurity
  • Reduce the impact of external drivers of conflict including weapons flows, illicit finance and militarised responses to security threats
  • Ensure international political, economic, development and security engagement in conflict-affected contexts is sensitive to conflict dynamics and contributes to sustainable peace
  • Promote peacebuilding processes and governance systems that are inclusive, fair, responsive and accountable and address the root causes of conflict.

What makes us different is that we also work on the relationships between these areas. Few organisations work on this combination of issues, which cuts across development, peacebuilding and the rule of law.

Our core strength is that we work internationally, nationally and locally – bringing together the different actors at these levels to build positive, co-operative relationships.

At the heart of the plan is Saferworld’s underlying core belief that people should be at the centre of peace and security responses. We use evidence and experience from our in-country programmes to make recommendations to international policy makers which lead to real changes on the ground.

Our change model that traces the key elements Saferworld considers when bringing about change: that is, how our core actions seek to influence what we believe are essential conditions for conflict transformation and peace.

Over the coming years Saferworld will continue to invest in developing the organisation, and maintain our commitment to promoting quality, effectiveness and integrity across our work.

Read People First: Saferworld's Strategic Plan 2014-17.