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Maija Paasiaro Learning and Effectiveness Adviser

Maija Paasiaro

Maija is a Learning and Effectiveness Adviser in the Organisational Development Unit, having previously worked as a Conflict and Security Adviser for the Policy, Central Asia and Caucasus teams. Her current focuses are cross-organisational learning processes, civil society development, conflict analysis, conflict sensitivity, community security and people-centred security provision. She has authored research papers, including on civil society development in Central Asia, past conflict prevention initiatives in the Ferghana Valley; small arms collection in Kosovo; the role of young people in peace and conflict in Central Asia. She has previously worked in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia on civil society capacity building and training. Maija has an MA (Hons) in Modern History and Russian from St Andrews and an MSc in Development Studies with special reference to Central Asia from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Issue areas/specialisms: Community security, Police reform, People-centred approaches, Conflict analysis, Conflict-sensitive development, Civil society capacity building

Geographical specialisms: Central Asia, The Caucasus, Eastern Europe, The Balkans

Languages: English, Russian, German

Publications and articles: