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February 2015

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Dilemmas of counter-terror, stabilisation and statebuilding

Terrorism is at the top of the political agenda across the world, and Western countries face dilemmas deciding how to respond to security threats.

However, current approaches have yielded only mixed results at best, and more constructive alternatives - which take a peacebuilding approach - could help to identify paths to long-term peace.

Saferworld has launched two reports on counter-terror. In a discussion paper on the dilemmas of counter-terror, stabilisation and statebuilding, we examine whether current approaches are being pursued effectively and coherently, and explore possible contradictions between approaches and objectives.

In an accompanying briefing, we build on the analysis in the discussion paper, outlining constructive peacebuilding alternatives to the counter-terror paradigm.

Read the discussion paper Dilemmas of counter-terror, stabilisation and statebuilding >

Read the briefing Envisaging more constructive alternatives to the counter-terror paradigm >

Community-driven approaches to small arms and light weapons control in Kenya

The prevalence of small arms and light weapons (SALW) is a serious security concern in many communities in Kenya where Saferworld and partners work. Endemic cycles of violence and hundreds of injuries and deaths result from the estimated 530,000 to 680,000 weapons in Kenyan civilians' hands.

Saferworld and partners have been working with police and communities in Isiolo and West Pokot counties to tackle challenges related to the proliferation and misuse of SALW. In a new briefing, we argue that improving the effectiveness and accountability of local security services and developing trust between communities and security providers are crucial ways to solve problems.

Read the briefing Effective SALW control in Kenya: community-driven approaches >

Promoting conflict-sensitive Chinese investment in South Sudan

Since September 2012 Saferworld has worked to encourage Chinese policymakers and commercial actors engaging in South Sudan to be more conflict-sensitive and open to dialogue with other actors.

Focussing on Chinese companies currently operating, or looking to invest, in South Sudan, our new report explores some of the challenges faced by these companies and suggests how they can contribute to a more stable future for people in South Sudan.

Read the report Managing risk in unstable countries: Promoting conflict-sensitive Chinese investment in South Sudan >

Making peace and justice a common cause: Justice as Prevention

This comment piece outlines Saferworld's commitment to developing an approach to 'Justice as Prevention', arguing that the concept of justice must go beyond the rule of law and address people's broader experiences of everyday injustice.

Read the comment piece >

Case study: Police-community meetings in Tajikistan demonstrate attitude and behaviour change

In the Isfara district of Tajikistan, communities are gaining confidence to raise sensitive issues at police-community meetings, following our work with partner ASTI to improve relations and build trust.

Read the case study >

Integrating gender in community security

In this article we explain how Saferworld's community security approach creates spaces where diverse gender groups feel able to express their security concerns, and can help communities to take measures to address and prevent gender-based violence.

Read more >

Myanmar and the post-2015 development agenda

Myanmar is still emerging from decades of conflict and authoritarianism, and the post-2015 agenda presents the country with risks as well as opportunities.

This article by Saferworld associate Kim Jolliffe reflects on these implications and highlights the importance of governance considerations if the new development framework is to strenghten peace and security.

Read the article > 

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