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November 2016

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“A better state of peace”: American strategy beyond the limits of warfare

Regardless of who wins the upcoming American election, the next administration's approach to global security will have far-reaching ramifications for peace and stability. The incoming administration has a window of opportunity to reevaluate past and present approaches to security, which have so far prioritised militaristic approaches that attack the symptoms of conflict rather than addressing the structural drivers. A shift away from this approach and towards a more nuanced and forward-thinking outlook will help contribute to long-term peace at home and abroad.

This briefing provides an overview of key security challenges that the new president will face in January, and provides recommendations for how the next administration can help create conditions for peace, rather than fueling violence and instability. 

Bringing an end to unending war: recommendations for the next US administration

In this accompaniment to the 'better state of peace' briefing, David Alpher and Ursala Knudsen-Latta urge the next administration to reassess the traditional, militaristic approach to security, and instead opt for one that creates the conditions for peace. 

Read the comment piece here.

European Council marks an opportunity to change reckless course on migration

The European Council met earlier this month to discuss progress under their comprehensive approach to migration. We wrote a statement in the lead up to the meeting, urging Member States to reverse short-term and reactive responses that tend to do more harm than good. We recommended that they should instead focus on addressing the underlying drivers that force people to flee their homes - such as conflict, poverty, poor governance and repression.

Read the full statement here. 

Yemen: will the world finally take notice?

Yemen has been embroiled in a destructive war for the last 18 months, but the international community has paid little attention as Syria, Brexit and the refugee crisis dominate the headlines. Two recent documentaries have tried to change this by taking a closer look at the horrors taking place - including air raids and a worsening food crisis.

In her blog, Elizabeth Bourne asks what it will take for Britain and the rest of the world to finally take notice. 

Saferworld statement on funeral hall attack in Yemen

Following the Saudi-led coalition airstrike on a funeral reception in Sana'a on October 9th, which led to the deaths of at least 140 people as well as hundreds of injuries, we released a statement condemning the attack and reiterated our call for a suspension of arms sales to warring parties in Yemen, including the Saudi Arabian-led coalition. 

Federalism, conflict and fragmentation in Yemen: An interview with Peter Salisbury

We spoke with Peter Salisbury, Associate Fellow for the Chatham House Middle East and North Africa Programme, about whether federalism is the solution to Yemen's divisions, and what needs to happen to build a sustainable peace.


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