February 2012

On 23 February a conference in London organised by the UK Government will bring together senior representatives from over 40 governments and multilateral organisations to discuss a new international approach to Somalia. The meeting provides a significant opportunity to improve Somalia’s future, but to do so those present must face up to the fact that current approaches – based on exclusive processes between political elites in Somalia and foreigners – are not working.


As the London conference approaches, in this issue of Saferworld's e-newsletter we set out our ideas for sustainable statebuilding in Somalia and why less haste would be progress. We also highlight examples of Saferworld’s work with Somali civil society that are supporting local engagement and participation in political processes, and increasing understanding among the Somali people of the constitutional changes and democratisation processes in train.


You can read how these messages around participation, stability and accountability were passed directly to the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague in a meeting with Saferworld's partner in Somalia SOSCENSA on 2 February in Mogadishu.


Also this month, we bring updates of our work with the Chinese policy community, Georgian peace dialogues and Bangladesh police reform. And on our website you can read about the next steps for civil society engagement on conflict and fragility following the outcomes of the Busan High Level Forum on aid effectiveness.


Finally, don’t forget, Saferworld is now on Twitter, so follow us there for the latest news and comment on peace and security issues – @Saferworld.

Towards sustainable statebuilding in Somalia

This month’s London Conference on Somalia must face up to the fact that current approaches – based on exclusive processes between political elites in Somalia and foreigners – are not working.


Paul Murphy appointed Saferworld’s new Executive Director

Paul Murphy, Saferworld’s Director of Programmes, has been appointed the organisation’s new Executive Director.


Research study draws on public perceptions to support Bangladesh’s Police Reform Programme

The results of a research study into public and police perceptions of safety, security and justice in Bangladesh were recently presented to the Bangladesh Police, United Nations Development Programme and the UK Department for International Development in Dhaka.


Planning for peace together: promoting regional dialogue on peace and security in Georgia

A project by Saferworld and partners in Georgia has been helping communities to identify, articulate and advocate effectively on peace and stability issues to policy makers.


China and the Horn of Africa: Civil society seminar in Kenya

The implications of China’s growing presence in the Horn of Africa were the focus of discussion at a workshop co-hosted by Saferworld and the Africa Peace Forum in Nairobi on 11 and 12 January.


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