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December 2016

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Police performance and accountability: mechanisms for peace and justice

Colombia's recent referendum result has revived long-held debates about peace processes. What makes them successful? How can trust be established after years (or even decades) of conflict? The police inevitably have a major role to play given their everyday interactions with the people as well as their mandate to maintain the peace.  

As part of our Justice and Peace blog series, Gary White MBE, former Assistant Chief Constable of PSNI, and Graham Mathias look at the Northern Ireland peace process to examine the connection between good policing, peace and justice. They highlight the importance of accountability structures and processes at all levels to enable and support a police culture that contributes to broader peace and justice.  

You can read the blog here.

Young filmmakers document experiences of Yemeni diaspora in Liverpool

We recently supported a group of young filmmakers in Liverpool to interview local Yemen diaspora in order to shed light on the largely forgotten war taking place there. The interviewees spoke of their experiences, thoughts and hopes for their country. The result is an impressive film that puts a human face on the devastating conflict.

This case study reflects on the filming process and how the film was received by the community.

Resolute in uncertain times: peacebuilding in the new US administration

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has raised many uncertainties, especially around the future direction of US foreign policy. Contradictory comments and recent cabinet appointments have done little to clarify the next administration's positions. Saferworld will continue to advocate for long-term and inclusive approaches to preventing conflict rather than the shortsighted and overly militaristic strategies that have been the hallmark of previous administrations. 

In their latest blog, David Alpher and Ursala Knudsen-Latta urge the incoming administration to look beyond simplistic solutions to complex foreign policy issues, and to ensure that US actions do not end up reinforcing or worsening the underlying structural drivers of conflict. 

Annual Review 2015-16

Our interactive Annual Review is now available on our website. It provides an overview of successes and challenges of 2015-16, with case studies from our work in South Sudan, Yemen and on rethinking approaches to counter-terrorism. 

You can view the interactive digital version or download the PDF .

Challenges and opportunities for peace and security cooperation

China and the European Union have a shared interest in a peaceful and stable Africa. In this article, which originally appeared on the Friends of Europe blog, Bernardo Mariani and Chloë Gotterson take a closer look at areas of potential cooperation between China and the EU, as well as some of the challenges that lie ahead. 


Reducing school bullying and extortion in Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan, where school bullying and extortion are a hidden yet significant safety concern for communities, Saferworld and partner Civic Union have brought attention to the issue at the national level, eventually reaching parliament and the Deputy Prime Minister.

Read the case study.

Yemen in our hearts

Over 1,120 children have been killed and another 1,650 injured since the escalation of violence in Yemen in March 2015. In Taiz, one community group supported by Saferworld and partner NODS to identify and address local security problems asked local children to draw how they felt about the war and what a peaceful environment meant for them.

View the gallery.


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