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May 2015

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South Sudan's galweng: filling a security gap, or perpetuating conflict?

© Pete Muller

"Where they used to see their role as protecting the cattle, the galweng have recast themselves as protectors of communities and villages – and as 'community police'."

The resumption of civil war in South Sudan over a year ago has brought the uncertain role of the galweng – cattle protectors, in Dinka – in South Sudan to the fore. Through two personal testimonies from the field, Saferworld explores the role and history of the galweng in Warrap and Lakes states, highlighting that the process of rearming this quasi-organised group of men risks perpetuating a long and bloody cycle of violence.

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Promoting conflict-sensitive approaches in Northern Uganda

Although much progress has been made in rebuilding Uganda's north since conflict between the Ugandan government and the Lord's Resistance Army ended in 2006, many communities remain in a state of latent conflict. Burdened by inadequately addressed war legacies and deep-seated grievances against government institutions, people are vulnerable to a relapse into violence if significant triggers occur.

Saferworld has been working as part of the Advisory Consortium on Conflict Sensitivity (ACCS) to promote conflict-sensitive development and land governance – putting these issues on Uganda's national agenda. The results of this work are illustrated in a project profile and photo gallery.

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Conflict prevention is a part of the cure for the current migrant crisis

"Conflict and instability are central drivers of migration, so effective conflict prevention and peacebuilding policies – not isolationist and anti-immigration responses – are key to addressing the current migrant crisis in Europe."

The numbers of migrants seeking to travel from North Africa to Europe has increased hugely over the last two years, with a four-fold increase in numbers reaching Europe in 2014 compared to 2013. There is compelling evidence that conflict and insecurity are key drivers behind this crisis.

Drawing on our analysis of lessons learnt from previous conflicts and our work on upstream conflict prevention, we present opportunities for policymakers to prioritise long-term conflict prevention and develop a more holistic response to the migrant crisis.

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Yemen conflict

Saferworld urges all sides in the current Yemen offensive to immediately cease military operations and return to the negotiating table with no preconditions.

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Event - Communities First: A photography exhibition explaining community security in South Sudan, Bangladesh and Yemen

Saferworld's Communities First photography exhibition tells the stories of individuals and communities in South Sudan, Bangladesh and Yemen affected by conflict. The images highlight each country's uniqueness, their shared challenges, and the drive for positive change.

Date and time: 5.30pm, Thursday 14 May

Venue: Blackall Studios, 73 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS

Please contact Elizabeth Bourne if you would like to attend. Note that you will need to be on the guest list to be admitted.

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A vote for peace?

As the UK General Election nears, Saferworld analyses what the contenders are saying on conflict issues and assesses what they would do to improve the lives of those affected by conflict.

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How to ensure the successful adoption, implementation and monitoring of Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals?

In a comment piece first published on the UN Chronicle, we discuss how to ensure the successful adoption, implementation and monitoring of Goal 16.

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