October 2011

No conflict-affected or fragile state has yet achieved a single Millennium Development Goal. In this month's e-news find out how Saferworld is working to make development more effective in these countries. 

This October we have been busy engaging with policy makers across the world in the lead up to the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea, to ensure that future aid programmes are more responsive to the needs of conflict-affected communities. To promote this message Saferworld's director took part in a debate at the Overseas Development Institute on the future of aid in fragile and conflict affected states, arguing that local people’s voices must be heard and represented in development processes if they are to be sustainable.


Saferworld has also long argued that the important role of women in peacebuilding needs to be recognised, so we are celebrating the fact that the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize honoured three female peacebuilders. Also in this issue you can watch our new video on the devastating consequences of armed cattle raids in South Sudan. Finally, tell us what is most important for you to hear about in the future - and how you want to hear it - by taking part in our online survey.

G7+ calls for a people centred approach to aid in fragile states

Helder Da Costa, head of the G7+ secretariat representing conflict-affected and fragile states, reiterated the importance of people’s participation in achieving stable and peaceful states at a recent panel event on aid for fragile states, which also featured Saferworld’s director Henry Smith.


Nobel Peace Prize underlines the importance of women peacebuilders

The award of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize to three women is a timely reminder that if we are serious about building more peaceful societies, we must empower women to have an equal say in the decisions that affect all our lives.


The devastating consequences of armed cattle raids in South Sudan

Cattle raiding has a long history in South Sudan, but the vast supply of guns and other small arms in civilian hands has led to the raids becoming more violent in recent years. Watch how Saferworld is working with the government and local partners to find long-term solutions to this problem.


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