July 2011

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For the first time, the UK Government now has a cross-cutting strategy to promote conflict prevention, security and justice globally. Read our initial response to this major, and very welcome, achievement. July was also an important month for Saferworld's Small Arms & Transfer Controls team. With only a year to go until the Arms Trade Treaty is negotiated we played an active role at the latest round of talks, encouraging states to focus on issues around implementation. Also this month, find out how the Arab Spring is raising serious questions about UK arms export control policy.

We have also published the first report from People's Peacemaking Perspectives project, a joint iniative with Conciliation Resources to help the EU become more responsive to the needs of conflict affected communities. Finally, as South Sudan became the world's newest country, we teamed up with photographer Pete Muller to share some of the security challenges facing the new nation in a photo essay on the Guardian website.


Henry Smith,
Director of Saferworld

New vision for UK conflict prevention

Saferworld welcomes the UK's new 'Building Stability Overseas Strategy'. We strongly agree with the assertion that preventing violent conflict 'upstream' is both morally right and in the UK's own long-term interests; saving lives and saving money. To find out more read our initial response to the strategy.


Saferworld report-card on the July 2011 ATT PrepCom

As the dust settles after the final week of substantive UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Preparatory Committee meetings (PrepComs) in New York, Roy Isbister, Saferworld's Small Arms and Transfer Controls Team Leader, assesses where we now stand.


UK arms export review misses the target

The Arab Spring exposed serious problems with arms transfers from the UK to authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), resulting in the Government revoking more than 150 licenses for exports to Bahrain, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. However, a statement on 19 July by Foreign Secretary William Hague on the UK Government’s review of arms transfer controls leaves serious questions unanswered.


First People's Peacemaking report on Moldova published

Saferworld has published a new report, 'Routes Across the Nistru', exploring the effects on the lives of ordinary people of the dispute between the breakaway region of Transnistria and the rest of Moldova. The report is the first in a wider series under the People's Peacemaking Perspectives, a joint project with Conciliation Resources. Funded by the EU, the project aims to bridge the divide between policy makers in national and international institutions and the people directly affected by conflict.


Photo Essay - Small arms and cattle raiding in South Sudan

South Sudan's declaration of independence on July 9 signified a new start for a region that has faced decades of violence. However the proliferation of small arms and the police force's limited ability to protect local communities are issues that need to be urgently addressed. See photos on this issue taken by Pete Muller for Saferworld on the Guardian website.


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