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October 2016

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Embracing the new global framework for peace

The UN's International Day of Peace was celebrated on 21 September, highlighting global efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 16 which strives for a more peaceful and just world. Because of the challenges we face today, there is no better time to commit to a universal framework that puts peace, justice and inclusion at the front and centre of every country's development planning.

The challenge now is to turn high-level political commitments into reality. There are a number of steps that the international community can take to make this happen, such as mainstreaming peace policy, ensuring peace at home and abroad, supporting civil society and increasing funding commitments for peacebuilding efforts. 

Saferworld, together with a range of peacebuilding organisations from around the world, released a statement that puts forward recommendations and outlines next steps towards implementing the new global framework for peace.

Peace and migration: realising the links

The International Day of Peace was an opportunity to reshape the debate on the migrant crisis, which is at risk of being dominated by xenophobic and short-sighted responses instead of those that focus on long-term solutions. An ever-narrowing definition of national interest has led to increasingly poor domestic and foreign policy choices that do little to tackle the underlying structural drivers of the violence that causes people to flee their homes.

In a joint statement from the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding, we call for greater leadership to address forced displacement and a renewed commitment to preventing conflict and sustaining peace. Making the case for a patient, long-term approach may be difficult, but it is necessary.

The injustice of inequality and its links to violence

In the latest Justice and Peace blog, Oxfam's Deborah Hardoon reflects on the relationship between inequality, injustice and violence. Growing inequality is in itself an injustice, slowing growth and efforts to eradicate poverty. It erodes social cohesion, creating tensions that result in conflict and crime. She concludes that fighting inequality is necessary to create more peaceful and safe lives. 

A small step toward democracy in Somalia

2016 was supposed to be Somalia's first "one person, one vote" parliamentary election in nearly 50 years. Unfortunately, setbacks over the past four years have forced delays in the political transition, with the elections now postponed to 2020 at the earliest. In this comment piece originally published for the Africa Research Institute, Saferworld's Somalia Country Director, Peter W Mackenzie, looks at recent developments and outlines steps needed to get back on the right path to a more democratic future in the country.

Peace in Myanmar: Listen to the people

Saferworld's Head of Asia Programme Chris Underwood attended an International Day of Peace event in Myanmar. In this blog, he shares his thoughts on the country's security situation. Myanmar has some of the world's longest-standing ethnic conflicts, with Ethnic Armed Organisations fighting against the Myanmar military. How can these tensions be addressed?

Sweet 16?

It has been one year since the launch of the 2030 Agenda - the global development blueprint that is the successor of the Millennium Development Goals. Saferworld's Robert Parker, Director of Policy and Communications, was in New York last month, where he attended the 71st session of the UN General Assembly. In this blog, he shares his thoughts on progress to date and what the international community can do to make sure that we are on track to meeting Goal 16.


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