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June 2013

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A shift towards peace

On 31 May the High Level Panel on the post-2015 development agenda set out a transformative framework with much for proponents of peace-related commitments to build on. The panel's report highlighted the need to 'Build peace and effective, open and accountable institutions for all' as one of five big, transformative shifts needed to realise a new development paradigm.

This affirms that peace and security are not just relevant to 'crisis' contexts, but are a universal agenda for all countries. Now states, civil society and others must work towards a progressive consensus that can make this new global development paradigm a reality.

Read the Saferworld's comment piece on the report 'A welcome shift towards peace'.

Follow our work on the post-2015 debate.

Community security success

A new report on Saferworld's community security programmes in Kosovo, Nepal and Bangladesh highlights the measurable improvements this type of work brings to communities’ own experiences of safety and security.

The report documents our work in the three countries over the past three years and argues that civil society has a crucial role to play in security and justice sector development. It also provides some practical lessons for donors and agencies seeking to support community-based approaches to safety and security through their work.

Read Community-based approaches to safety and security.

Read about Saferworld's four year community security project in Bangladesh, South Sudan and Yemen.

Clarifying commitments on UK aid

The Ministry of Defence's push to define more of its work as ‘Official Development Assistance’ (ODA) has provoked concerns that aid money may be used to supplement the MoD budget.

Executive Director Paul Murphy argues here that instead of campaigning for overseas aid to be spent by the ministry, the MoD should clarify its own contribution to the UK’s Building Stability Overseas Strategy, which sets out the UK’s approach to addressing conflict issues overseas.

Read the comment piece.

Read more Saferworld analysis of the UK’s Building Stability Overseas Strategy and Upstream Conflict Prevention.

Building lasting peace in Serbia and Kosovo

On 19 April, as a result of a series of European Union (EU) facilitated talks, Serbia and Kosovo reached an encouraging"First Agreement on the Principles Governing the Normalisation of Relations" between the two countries.

This agreement marks the most significant step forward since the end of the Kosovo war in 1999 and offers the opportunity to create lasting peace within the region.

However, both governments must now demonstrate real commitment to the implementation of the agreement in an accountable, effective and transparent manner, says Ferdinand Nikolla, Kosovo Project Coordinator.

Read the comment piece.

Find out more about our work in Kosovo.


Summary analysis of the Arms Trade Treaty

On Monday 3 June states began signing the historic Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) agreed at the United Nations in April. This briefing by the Control Arms coalition gives an overview of the ATT and sets out how key elements should be addressed and implemented by states.

RESOURCE | May 2013

Partner perspectives from Bangladesh

Saferworld is partnering with development organisation BRAC on a new community security project.  

In a new video interview Anna Minj, Director of Community Empowerment and Integrated Development for BRAC talks about their aspirations for the partnership and the opportunities it holds for the future.

Women, peace and security across the Arab world.

In March 2013 Saferworld held a meeting to facilitate networking between women activists across the Arab world on the issue of women, peace and security. The meeting provided activists with opportunities to exchange experiences and lessons learned. The discussions focused on the role that safety and security concerns are playing as barriers to women's participation in each country.

In two reports we assess the key outcomes and learning from the events:

Women, security and participation - an overview of the policy roundtable.

'Our voice, our strength' - recommendations and lessons learned.

RESOURCE | May 2013

Safety and security in the South-East border area of Bangladesh

In a new report by the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, Mitra and Associates, and Saferworld we analyse local perceptions of safety and security in the South-East border area of Bangladesh.

Identifying both the security concerns of the local people and possible solutions to address them we have based our findings on a combination of quantitative and qualitative research.

RESOURCE | May 2013

Turning rhetoric into reality in Somalia?

The second international conference on Somalia in May demonstrated the international community's commitment to support the Somali federal government in its plans for reconstruction.

In this comment piece we look at the key tests moving forward in the implementation of these commitments from all parties.


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