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January 2017

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Civil society observes Somalia's 2016 electoral process

Civil engagement in Somalia’s 2016-17 electoral process is the first step towards public oversight, transparency and accountability. In turn, it generates public confidence in the credibility and integrity of the electoral process and its outcome.

One notable success story of the 2016 electoral process – regardless of the uneven process and ongoing delays – is the active engagement of domestic observers despite the very challenging political and security environment. Saferworld is working with local partners Puntland Non State Actors Association (PUNSAA) and Somalia South Central Non State Actors (SOSCENSA) to observe the ongoing 2016 electoral process in Somalia.

Whilst the 2016 electorate is limited - 14,025 delegates selected by 135 titled elders - this election is an opportunity for Somalia to continue its emergence from decades of violence and civil war.

You can read about election observers' work here.

Myanmar's plural justice system

There is no single justice provider with recognised authority to enforce the law throughout Myanmar. Long-running violent conflicts and plural power structures mean providers and systems are distinct in some places and overlap in others. This blog looks at some of the different justice chains people follow for redressing grievances, why, and what that means for wider peace and statebuilding dynamics.

The blog accompanies new research by Saferworld and ODI for MyJustice - implemented by the British Council in Myanmar and funded by the European Commission - that looks into local experiences of and access to justice in Mon State and Yangon Region.

Read the latest justice and peace blog. Read the full joint report 'Making big cases small and small cases disappear: experiences of local justice in Myanmar'

The 2030 Agenda's commitment to peaceful, just and inclusive societies - making it count

Peace is included as both a goal and a cross-cutting issue in the 2030 Agenda, but how can we ensure the framework actually makes a difference to people's lives?

Saferworld is still exploring and learning how to translate the promise into practice, but drawing on our experience of engaging on the 2030 Agenda in a range of countries - including Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, South Africa and Kenya - we have identified six conditions that can help ensure the 2030 commitment brings about real change on the ground.

Read Anna Moller-Loswick's blog and let us know your thoughts.

Women's role in peace and security in Yemen literature review

This literature review considers women's political participation in Yemen historically. It looks at what impact conflict has had on women’s lives and on their political participation. The review explores what social norms govern women’s activism in Yemen. It also provides examples of women's involvement in peacebuilding processes, what strategies were used and what results were achieved.

Read the literature review here.

UK court action to implement the Arms Trade Treaty

Originally published on the Forum on the Arms Trade's Looking Ahead blog, Roy Isbister looks at the UK High Court hearing in 2017. The hearing will review the legality of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia in light of violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen. 

Read the blog.

A Faustian approach to migration: how long can it hold?

Tuesday Reitano explores how the EU's deal with Turkish President Erdogan to stop the surge of migrants across the Aegean is already failing on multiple fronts.

Read the blog


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