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Bernardo Mariani Head of China Programme

Bernardo is a conflict and security analyst who has focused for 15 years on enhancing the capacities of governments and civil society to prevent conflict and support cooperative approaches to international security. Since 2008 he has managed Saferworld’s China Programme, which undertakes research, raises awareness and promotes international dialogue on the implications of China's growing international role, particularly relating to conflict prevention, arms control and addressing peace and security challenges in conflict-affected and fragile states. Previously he has managed and implemented advocacy, research and training activities in the fields of conflict prevention and peacebuilding across Europe and Russia in cooperation with governments, regional and international organisations, law enforcement agencies and non-government organisations. He has also worked as a Consultant for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the European Commission, researching and advising on addressing trans-regional security threats and developing guidelines to combat arms trafficking.

Bernardo holds a Master Degree in Political Science and International Relations. He has authored/co-authored numerous publications.

Issue areas/specialisms: International conflict prevention advocacy, ATT, Rising powers, non proliferation, Arms transfer controls in Europe

Geographical specialisms: EU, Russia, China

Languages: English, French, Italian, German

Publications and articles:

  • China’s growing role in African peace and security, Saferworld, 2011
  • Peace and Security in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges for China-Africa Cooperation, Shanghai  Institutes for International Studies, 2009
  • Arms Transfer Controls in the CIS region, The Ploughshares Monitor, 2007
  • The role of civil society in small arms control, Center for Policy Studies in Russia/Saferworld, 2006
  • Armi e Affari - Proliferazione e Controlli, Centro Studi Strategie Internazionali, 2006
  • Developing an International Arms Trade Treaty, Center for Policy Studies in Russia/Saferworld, 2006
  • Transparency in arms export controls, Center for Policy Studies in Russia/Saferworld, 2006
  • Small arms and light weapons in Albania, Centre for Peace and Disarmament Education, 2005
  • Enhancing EU action to prevent illicit small arms, UNIDIR, 2005
  • Small arms and light weapons in Bulgaria, UNDP/SEESAC, 2005
  • Weapons under scrutiny,  Centre for the Study of Democracy/Saferworld, 2004
  • Arms production exports and decision making in CEE, Saferworld, 2002   
  • Transparency and accountability in arms export controls, Saferworld, 2000