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Owen Greene Chair

Owen Greene is Professor of International Security and Development at the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University, where he was also Research Director (1994–2009) and Director/Chair of the Centre for International Co-operation and Security (CICS) (2002–present). He has held many other prominent expert and advisory roles for over 20 governments, the EU, OSCE, UN, and a number of international policy networks.

For example he was UN Consultant on Small Arms (1997–99); co-ordinator of Bradford’s contract to provide expert support to DFID and the UK Conflict Prevention Pools (DFID, MoD and FCO) on matters of conflict, security and development (2002–06), co-ordinator of the Sida Helpdesk on Human Security (2006–10, 2012–present), and Scientific co-ordinator of several EU and international research projects. Owen has also been co-founder or board member of a number of other institutes and NGOs, including VERTIC, SANA, INES, ISIS Europe, FIELD, BICC and IANSA.

Owen has been closely involved with the development of Saferworld from the beginnings of the organisation. He has been an active member of Saferworld’s Board since the 1990s, and Chair of the Board of Trustees since 2005. In addition to these Board roles, Owen has been closely involved with the development of many of Saferworld’s programmes, since his research, policy and area interests have long been quite closely aligned with those of Saferworld.

Issue areas/specialisms: Conflict analysis, Security and justice sector development, Community security, Conflict-sensitive development, Arms management and reduction, Preventing and tackling arms proliferation and trafficking, Development and effectiveness of international and regional agreements

Geographical specialisms: Europe, Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa

Publications and articles:

Addtional publications:

Small Arms, Crime and Conflict: global governance and the threat of armed violence, O Greene and N. Marsh (eds) (Routledge, 2012)

‘Small Arms research: dynamics and emerging challenges’, in P. Batchelor and K. Kenkel (eds), Controlling Small Arms: consolidation, innovation and relevance in research and policy (Routledge, 2013)

‘Examining the Policy Agendas and implications of Smart Gun Technologies’, in M. Ashkenazim E. Isikozlu and M. Kosling (eds), Smart Technology in SALW Control: civilian protection, the UN Programme of Action and Transfer Control (BICC, 2014)

Community Security and Justice in Ethiopia Community Security and Justice in Ethiopia, Parts I and II (DFID, 2012)

Preventing Diversion of Small Arms and Light Weapons: strengthening border management under the UN Programme of Action, Greene and E. Kirkham (Biting the Bullet Project, 2010)

Reviewing Action on Small Arms: Assessing the first Five Years of Implementation of the UN Programme of Action, Greene, M. Bourne et al, (IANSA/BtB, 2006)

Conflict Reduction, Management and Reduction in Africa, O. Greene, J. Buxton and C. Salonius-Pasternak (eds) (FIIA/CICS, 2006)