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Stephanie Blair

Stephanie Blair

Stephanie Blair is a senior conflict, security and stabilisation scholar-practitioner. She is a senior advisor with the UK Stabilisation Unit and has extensive leadership experience combining field research, policy advice and analysis; evaluation expertise; and supporting academic and civil society leadership and practitioner roles.

She has held posts at Cranfield University’s Centre for Security Sector Management at the UK Defence Academy, with the UN, OSCE, and as a founding member of the team which estabilished the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre. She currently combines working for the UK Stabilisation Unit with directing her own independent consultancy.

Issue areas/specialisms: Conflict, Security and stabilisation, Integrated approaches

Geographical specialisms: Western Balkans, Middle East and North Africa, Horn of Africa

Publications and articles:

‘Towards a Blueprint for International Policing’ (RUSI Journal, 2015)

‘A Critique of SSR’/ ‘Uma Crítica da Reforma do Setor de Segurança’ in ‘Reforma do Setor de Segurança: teoria, prática e crítica’ (Sao Paolo State University, 2014).

'Assisting host country militaries: assessing lessons from NATO, EU and member state experience' (Wilton Park Conference Rapporteur, December 2013)

‘The Challenges and Prospects for Security and Justice Transitions in the wake of the Arab Spring’, co-authored with Mark White in, After the Arab Spring: Reconstruction and State-Building (United Nations Association of the UK, 2012)

‘Adopting an Integrated Approach: the Army’s Contribution to Building Stability Overseas’, co-authored with Mark White in, British Army Journal (HMG, June 2012)

'Forging a Viable Peace: Developing a Legitimate Political Economy',co-author, in Covey, Hawley, and Dzeidzic, (eds), The Quest for a Viable Peace: International Intervention and Strategies for Conflict Transformation. (Washington, DC: USIP, 2005).