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Eleanor Gordon

Eleanor Gordon

Eleanor became a Saferworld Trustee in July 2015. She is a full-time Lecturer in Conflict and Security Studies in the Department of Criminology, University of Leicester, where she has developed and delivers a Masters online distance learning programme in Security, Conflict and International Development (SCID) and established and manages the SCID Panel of Experts.

In addition, Eleanor works as a consultant for a number of conflict prevention NGOs, universities, government agencies and for the United Nations Development Programme, primarily on issues related to building security and justice after conflict. She has also served in various management and advisory roles in the field of security, the rule of law and human rights in the Balkans, including with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo.

She has a PhD in Criminology, which addressed the relationship between security, justice and human rights with specific regard to discrimination against Gypsies/Roma. Her current research and practice focusses on ways in which inclusive approaches to building security and justice after conflict can be promoted.


Issue areas/specialisms: Security and justice sector development, Defence reform and DDR, Post-conflict institution building, Inclusive political processes, Post-conflict approaches to justice and security, Human rights, justice and security, Gender

Geographical specialisms: Western Balkans, South Asia

Publications and articles:

Addtional publications:

SCID Reader: Researching and Working in Conflict-Affected Environments (University of Leicester, 2015)

‘Statebuilding, Security Sector Reform and Local Ownership: Community Engagement in Building Security and Justice after Conflict’, Global IR and Regional Worlds: A New Agenda for International Studies (2015).

‘Security Sector Reform, Local Ownership and Gender’ (accepted by Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding

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‘Security Sector Reform, Local Ownership and Community Engagement’, Stability: Journal of Security and Development (2014)

‘A Hybrid Approach to Building Security and Justice after Conflict’ (University of Manchester, 2014).

‘Language, War and Peace’ (SCID Blog, 2015)

SCID Critical Reader: Building Security and Justice after Conflict (University of Leicester, 2014)

‘Women’s Engagement in Building Security and Justice after Conflict’, paper presented at the Gender and Justice Conference (University of Leicester, 2014)

‘Promoting participatory approaches to peacebuilding: A civil society needs assessment in Khyber Paktunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan’ (Saferworld, 2013)

‘Safety and Security in the South-East Border Area of Bangladesh: A Public Perceptions Survey’ (BEI/Saferworld, (2013)

Baseline Survey on Personal Security and Police Performance in Bangladesh (UNDP, 2012) 

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