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Category: BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace

Gendered discrimination and corruption in the justice sector – new learning from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

How do discrepancies in access to and delivery of services affect men and women differently?  How do gender and corruption interact? How could this feed into conflict? CDA Collaborative Learning Projects has been searching for answers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church | BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace | 5 June 2017

Why is corruption an injustice?

In this 15-minute podcast, Co-Founder of Global Witness Patrick Alley explains why corruption can be considered an injustice, and describes how it drives conflict. 

Patrick Alley | BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace | 3 April 2017

‘Guvernance’ and the ‘role’ of law: Getting the vowels right

Richard Sannerholm argues for the importance of the rule of law in constraining power with public and transparent rules. 

Richard Sannerholm | BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace, Security and justice sector development | 28 February 2017

‘Privilege violence’: why polarised democracies yield violence

Where wealth and power is concentrated, security institutions may be instrumentalised to protect the economic and political elite at the expense of wider security and rule of law. Dr Rachel Kleinfeld calls this type of violence Privilege Violence, because it stems not from a state that is weak – but from a power structure that enables violence against some citizens as the price for maintaining extreme privilege.

Dr Rachel Kleinfeld | BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace | 30 January 2017

Myanmar's plural justice system

There is no single justice provider with recognised authority to enforce the law throughout Myanmar. This blog looks at some of the different justice chains people follow to redress grievances, why, and what that means for wider peace and statebuilding dynamics.

Will Bennett | Security and justice sector development, BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace | 19 December 2016

Police accountability: a mechanism for peace and justice

In our latest peace and justice blog, policing experts Gary White and Graham Mathias explore the links between policing, peace and justice, highlighting the importance of accountability structures and processes at all levels to enable and support a police culture that contributes to broader peace and justice.

Security and justice sector development, BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace, Community-based policing | 5 December 2016

The injustice of Inequality and its links to violence

Oxfam’s Deborah Hardoon has focused her research on the evidence behind Oxfam’s global campaign on inequality. In this blog, Deborah reflects on the relationship between inequality, injustice and violence. This is also published as part of Oxfam's Policy and Practice blog.

Deborah Hardoon | BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace, Security and justice sector development | 21 September 2016

Taking stock: what have we learnt from the first six months?

Michelle Parlevliet reviews the first six months of our Justice and Peace blog series.

Michelle Parlevliet | BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace, Security and justice sector development | 15 June 2016

Injustice: a driver of violent extremism?

As the countering violent extremism agenda becomes more prominent, Leanne McKay looks at why it shouldn’t supersede other development, peacebuilding and rule of law options available to tackle violence.

Leanne McKay | BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace, Constructive alternatives to counter-terror & stabilisation, Security and justice sector development | 18 April 2016

Providing access to justice for all? Four lessons for the SDGs from past rule of law assistance

It is vital that the measures we use to gauge progress on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals offer the best possible chance of genuinely contributing to improved access to justice, argues Lisa Denney.

Lisa Denney | BLOG SERIES: Justice and peace, 2030 Agenda, Security and justice sector development | 7 March 2016

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