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Welcome to our blog site! This area of the site brings you a range of views from within and outside Saferworld on all aspects of peace and security. If you are interested in submitting a piece for publication, contact our communications team. We welcome your comments on individual blog posts. You can view the latest posts below, or view them by category or author using the links on the right.


Latest posts

Peace and the 2030 Agenda – beyond the summit glow

Agreeing the 2030 Agenda is a major achievement, says Larry Attree, but it’s what we do next that really matters to those affected by violent conflict and insecurity.

Larry Attree | Post-2015, Aid effectiveness, 2030 Agenda | 7 October 2015

Why we need to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies through the 2030 Agenda

As world leaders meet in New York to sign up to the Sustainable Development Goals, Thomas Wheeler looks at peace within the development agenda.

Thomas Wheeler | Post-2015, SDGs, Aid effectiveness, 2030 Agenda | 25 September 2015

Have we abandoned our Friends in Yemen?

BBC Newsnight's piece on 'Yemen's forgotten war' was a stark reminder of the horrors being faced by our Yemeni friends and colleagues, and the inaction of our own governments, says Kate Nevens.

Kate Nevens | Yemen crisis | 11 September 2015

A call to action for UK Parliamentarians on World Humanitarian Day

On World Humanitarian Day, Zarina Khan and Shelagh Daley urge parliamentarians to get involved and work with NGOs to promote a safer world.

Zarina Khan | Aid effectiveness, Upsteam conflict prevention | 19 August 2015

A generation that does not know peace: children and youth living on the Armenian-Azerbaijani frontline

Nana Gamkrelidze explores the impact of a resurgence in fighting along the Armenia and Azerbaijan border on youth, and the importance of including youth voices in peace projects.

Nana Gamkrelidze | Youth, Community security | 12 August 2015

Inclusive peace: how to leave no one behind

Thomas Wheeler discusses the need to find new approaches to the commitment to ‘leave no one behind’ which has been a key feature of all the discussions on the post-2015 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Thomas Wheeler | Post-2015, Aid effectiveness, 2030 Agenda | 28 July 2015

China’s commitment to peace and security in Africa: FOCAC and the SDGs

Could the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) be used as a tool to help realise the Sustainable Development Goals, asks Chloe Gotterson?

Chloe Gotterson | Post-2015, Aid effectiveness, Rising powers, 2030 Agenda | 29 June 2015

Masculinities and the women, peace and security agenda: strengthening or watering down?

We must reshape the masculinised and militarised assumptions behind the current international security paradigm, but not without asking critical questions about the recent resurgence of interest in ‘engaging men and boys’.

Hannah Wright | Gender | 19 March 2015

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