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Saferworld holds peacebuilding workshop for Yemeni civil society activists

Saferworld held a four-day workshop for Yemeni civil society activists in Jordan to explore ideas and initiatives on local peacebuilding in Yemen in the context of the current conflict.

Earlier this year, Saferworld brought together activists from across Yemen to a workshop called “Peacebuilding in Yemen: Youth and Women’s Roles” in Amman, Jordan, to provide a platform to discuss and exchange ideas and activities on local peacebuilding in Yemen within the context of the current conflict. The event brought together 23 participants from across Yemen, working for local civil society organisations focused on  humanitarian relief, peacebuilding, women’s and youth development – representing a range of Saferworld’s partner organisations and participants selected from over 1,500 applications.

The four-day event included sessions on the concepts of peacebuilding and conflict resolution with expert peacebuilding trainer Ali Chahine, case studies on addressing the problem of small arms in Kosovo and how humanitarian organisations can work with local volunteers. The sessions also provided training in practical skills like fundraising and community mobilisation, which participants considered important to their current work on the ground. During these sessions, participants shared their own experiences, providing lessons learnt and ideas for overcoming obstacles. They also had the opportunity to network among themselves and with guests from international organisations such as the UNDP.

As a main part of the workshop, participants developed four action plans for different projects that focus on the role of youth and women in peacebuilding in local communities. They are currently working to incorporate learning from the workshop in their future planning and work.

Saferworld supports Yemeni youth activists in peacebuilding efforts at local and governorate levels, through capacity building, training, networking, and lesson sharing and providing small grants to support local activities. Through a micro-grant scheme and mentoring, Saferworld has supported local activities across Yemen such as an interactive theatre show in Hodeidah and a Pecha Kucha event in Aden promoting youth employment and peace. It has worked with its network to advocate for peace among national and international audiences through social media campaigns, including the “Let’s Coexist” video, and a video on a Yemeni street artist - #MakeArtNotWar.

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