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Our work in action

Polling in the South Sudan independence referendum

What does our work actually look like? Read case studies and project profiles highlighting our work in action.

Ensuring citizens are at the centre of Kenya’s devolution process

Community action groups in Muhoroni have inspired their communities to actively engage in the devolution process and hold the county administration to account about the spending of public money and proper service delivery.

2 September 2015

Building better relationships and improving infrastructure

A small grant project in Shangla district in Malakand, Pakistan was able to resolve a conflict affecting three villages by building better relationships between these communities and by improving an existing infrastructure project that had itself become a key conflict driver.

18 May 2015

Conflict resolution through fair mediation

In Chitral, the largest district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan, the unforgiving landscape and limited economy have left local communities feeling frustrated and prone to conflict. Through fair mediation, local civil society organisations (CSOs) have managed to bring two rival groups together to resolve a conflict over grazing lands and forests.

18 May 2015

Women at the forefront of the peacebuilding process

A small grant project in Maina village in Malakand, Pakistan, not only resolved a long-standing community conflict but also involved women in the peacebuilding process for the first time in the village. The project demonstrates the importance and ability of real community participation, especially of women in conservative rural areas, to promote peacebuilding.

18 May 2015

South Sudan’s galweng: filling a security gap, or perpetuating conflict?

Saferworld explores the role and history of the galweng in Warrap and Lakes states through two personal testimonies from the field which highlight that the process of rearming the galweng risks perpetuating a long and bloody cycle of violence.

29 April 2015

Enhancing existing security structures in Kyrgyzstan

In 2014 one of Saferworld’s community security working groups in south Kyrgyzstan teamed up with local government to revive a defunct Local Crime Prevention Centre. The result was changed perceptions and improved relationships between local communities and authorities, making it easier for people to report incidents of conflict and crime.

9 February 2015

Police-community meetings in Tajikistan demonstrate attitude and behaviour change

Communities in the Isfara district of Tajikistan, bordering Kyrgyzstan, are gaining confidence to raise sensitive issues at police-community meetings, following work by Saferworld and local partner the Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia of Tajikistan (ASTI) to improve relations and build trust.

23 January 2015

Bridging ethnic divides between young people in Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan's Feghana Valley, a Saferworld-supported Community Security Working Group is playing a key role in diminishing conflict between local Uzbek and Kyrgyz youth.

4 December 2014

The Expert Group on ATT Implementation (EGAI)

Now that the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) has become international law, Saferworld is working to ensure progressive interpretation and full implementation of the Treaty by all States Parties. As part of this we have established the informal Expert Group on ATT Implementation (EGAI) which is working with a group of government and civil society experts to develop common understandings around Treaty implementation.

2 December 2014

A question of trust

In the first of a series of case studies highlighting the benefits of people-centred Community Security approaches we introduce the concept of community security, explains how it addresses insecurity and conflict, and sets out how it can contribute to meeting broader peacebuilding and statebuilding objectives.

18 September 2014

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