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Photos: Communities First

Featuring the work of Marcus Perkins, Tom Martin and Alex Potter, this collection of photographs aims to give a visual voice to people whose daily experiences of conflict and insecurity are too often marginalised and forgotten.

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Two years of war: supporting Yemeni civil society’s path to peace

On the second anniversary of Yemen’s war, states and international organisations must step up their support to the vital peacebuilding and development work being done by Yemeni civil society and include them in national peace talks. 

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 26 March 2017 - Saba Albess

Shouldn't YOU be Countering Violent Extremism?

High public fear of terrorism globally has led governments to make counter-terrorism - and its affable cousin, Countering Violent Extremism - top priorities. But are current approaches capable of ending the violence in a just and lasting way, or do we need to prioritise a different approach?

RESOURCE | 14 March 2017 - Larry Attree

Time for European values, not fear, to take centre stage in migration response

In the run-up to the European Council meetings this week, Saferworld urges the EU to uphold its values and refrain from pursuing short-term strategies that reinforce conflict dynamics.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 8 March 2017

Making Goal 16 count – ensuring a gender perspective

The 2030 Agenda has made ‘peaceful, just and inclusive societies’ a global priority by including peace as a cross-cutting issue and as Sustainable Development Goal 16. It also has enshrined gender equality in Goal 5, which includes several targets on violence against women similar to those under Goal 16. At the global level, discussions have...

RESOURCE | 8 March 2017 - Anna Möller-Loswick, Ursala Knudsen-Latta

Being ‘bold for change’: five ways we can put gender at the heart of the peace agenda

In this blog, Anna Moller-Loswick examines current efforts to integrate gender across the 2030 Agenda - especially Goal 16 for peaceful and just societies - and lays out five recommendations for how to make it a central component of all of the Sustainable Development Goals

BLOG | 8 March 2017 - Anna Möller-Loswick

Caught in the crossfire: border communities in Azerbaijan

Following a recent visit to border villages in Azerbaijan, Bakhtiyar Aslanov and Ilya Jones look at some of the challenges faced by communities who live near a militarised border

BLOG | 6 March 2017 - Bakhtiyar Aslanov & Ilya Jones

Counter-terror in Tunisia: job done or mission misunderstood?

Following a number of high-profile terror attacks, Lola Aliaga and Kloe Tricot O'Farrell urge international actors to focus their efforts on addressing exclusive and abusive governance, corruption and marginalisation in order to support a peaceful and sustainable democratic transition in Tunisia.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 2 March 2017 - Kloe Tricot O'Farrell, Lola Aliaga

Informal armies: community defence groups in South Sudan’s civil war

As South Sudan’s civil war enters its fourth year, Saferworld’s most recent publication explores one aspect of the current crisis: the mobilisation and transformation of the country’s many ‘informal armies’. Community defence groups have long played an important background role in South Sudan’s security scene, as protectors, makeshift defence units...

RESOURCE | 28 February 2017

‘Guvernance’ and the ‘role’ of law: Getting the vowels right

Richard Sannerholm argues for the importance of the rule of law in constraining power with public and transparent rules. 

BLOG | 28 February 2017 - Richard Sannerholm

A closer look at Secretary Rex Tillerson and his foreign policy perspective

Ursala Knudsen-Latta examines recent statements from US Secretary Rex Tillerson for insight into his foreign policy perspective

BLOG | 13 February 2017 - Ursala Knudsen-Latta