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Saferworld in Nepal

NEWSLETTER | 26 January 2017

Helping police to be gender-sensitive in Pakistan

A project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan aimed to reduce violence against women by helping police to be more gender-sensitive.

CASE STUDY | 17 January 2017

Report and accounts 2015-16

ANNUAL REVIEW | 22 December 2016

Myanmar's plural justice system

There is no single justice provider with recognised authority to enforce the law throughout Myanmar. This blog looks at some of the different justice chains people follow to redress grievances, why, and what that means for wider peace and statebuilding dynamics.

BLOG | 19 December 2016 - Will Bennett

Court action to implement the Arms Trade Treaty

Originally published on the Forum on the Arms Trade's Looking Ahead blog, Roy Isbister looks at the UK High Court hearing in 2017 to review the legality of  UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia in light of violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen.

BLOG | 19 December 2016 - Roy Isbister

Understandings of Justice in Myanmar 

BRIEFING/SUBMISSION | 18 December 2016

Myanmar's plural justice system

BRIEFING/SUBMISSION | 18 December 2016

UK peacebuilding organisations call for action on Aleppo

The crisis in eastern Aleppo is a tragic testimony to our collective failure to prevent and resolve deadly conflict.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 13 December 2016

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