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Police accountability: a mechanism for peace and justice

In our latest peace and justice blog, policing experts Gary White and Graham Mathias explore the links between policing, peace and justice, highlighting the importance of accountability structures and processes at all levels to enable and support a police culture that contributes to broader peace and justice.

BLOG | 5 December 2016

Yemen in our hearts

MULTIMEDIA | 1 December 2016

Resolute in uncertain times: peacebuilding in the new US administration

Weeks after the election, Trump's foreign policy and security strategy remain uncertain. David Alpher and Ursala Knudsen-Latta explore the challenges and opportunities for peacebuilders as America shapes a new approach.

BLOG | 1 December 2016

Challenges and opportunities for peace and security cooperation

Bernardo Mariani and Chloë Gotterson take a look at EU-China efforts to promote peace and security in Africa, outlining successes and challenges.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 28 November 2016 - Bernardo Mariani, Chloë Gotterson

Saferworld in South Sudan

NEWSLETTER | 25 November 2016

Annual Review 2015-16: multimedia gallery

MULTIMEDIA | 25 November 2016

Annual Review 2015-16

ANNUAL REVIEW | 24 November 2016

Reducing school bullying and extortion in Kyrgyzstan

Together with partners, Saferworld has looked into the significant problem in Kyrgyzstan of school bullying and extortion and has advocated for change at the national level.

CASE STUDY | 23 November 2016

UK Government offers predictable and inadequate response to MPs’ concerns on the use of UK arms in Yemen

The UK Government’s response this week to the recent First Joint Report of the Business, Innovation and Skills and International Development Committees of Session 2016–17 on The use of UK-manufactured arms in Yemen is woefully inadequate, says Saferworld.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 16 November 2016

Tea and peace: talking about child neglect and finding solutions at the teahouse in Kyrgyzstan

A youth-initiated project takes on the hidden problem of 'social orphans' - children who have been left behind by their parents and who face discrimination and neglect.

CASE STUDY | 8 November 2016

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