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Transitional policing in South Sudan’s peace agreement: Joint Integrated Police

Reflections from civil society


The formation of a new Joint Integrated Police (JIP) unit – mandated by South Sudan’s August 2015 peace agreement – is now well under way. The unit, which is charged with providing security in some of the most fragile locations in the country, has a potential role to play in enhancing stability. However, challenges related to training, vetting and deployment mean that not only does the JIP risk failing to deliver on its policing mandate but it also risks actively contributing to conflict dynamics. This briefing outlines some of the potential difficulties associated with the JIP and some of the challenges the unit is likely to face in delivering security for communities. It is intended to inform those planning to support the JIP and the security sector reform process in South Sudan going forward.

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Date: June 2016
Publisher: Saferworld
Language: English
Region: Africa
Country: South Sudan

Workshop participants raised major concerns that sufficient time and training will not be provided to transform JIP personnel from their recent roles as combatants into impartial officers able to protect civilians of all ethnic backgrounds as a unified, professional police unit.

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