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China and conflict-affected states

Risks and opportunities for building peace


As the world order changes, rising powers like China are increasingly involved in countries where peace is fragile. This brings new responsibilities and policy choices for China, while it also means a new reality for Western donors and policy makers. These changes are affecting peace and stability in conflict-affected states. However, as Beijing’s approach towards these countries evolves there is an unprecedented opportunity for China and the West to develop more complementary approaches in support of peace.

This briefing highlights the implications for peace and stability of China’s growing engagement in conflict affected states. It is based on Saferworld research in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sudan and South Sudan. It sets out key findings, conclusions and recommendations for Chinese and Western actors. The briefing is available to download in English and Chinese.

Read the briefing: China and conflict affected states – risks and opportunities for building peace

Read the full report: China and conflict-affected states – between principle and pragmatism


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Date: February 2012
Author: Ivan Campbell, Thomas Wheeler, Larry Attree, Bernardo Mariani, Dell Marie Butler
Publisher: Saferworld
Language: English
Region: International
Country: China, South Sudan, Sudan, Nepal, Sri Lanka

If a man is thirsty, he needs to drink, no matter where the water comes from. China is ready to do things straight away… When the West gives some small money, they want to manage it very carefully. While they are thinking what to do, China will come in.

Government of South Sudan official, Unity State, South Sudan