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Civil Society Voices: Recommendations for the May 2013 London Conference on Somalia


There continues to be a perception amongst many Somalis that decisions which directly affect their lives are driven by an international agenda and involve little local consultation. The resulting lack of ownership contributes to a sense of alienation from decision-making processes, which serves to perpetuate conflicts in Somalia.

On 7 May 2013 the Federal Government of Somalia and the UK Government will co-host a second international conference in London on Somalia. Focusing on a broad range of themes – political progress, security, judicial reform, sexual and gender-based violence, and financial management and accountability – the conference will provide space for the international community to offer its support and assistance to the Somali government in each of these areas.

During March and April 2013, Saferworld and partners held consultations in Puntland and South Central, and this briefing provides a synthesis of those meetings, as well as recommendations to the Federal Government of Somalia and the international community.

Saferworld have also submitted recommendations to the London conference based on these findings, and you can read those here. To find out more about our work in Somalia and Somaliland, click here.

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Date: April 2013
Publisher: Saferworld
Language: English
Region: Africa
Country: Somalia / Somaliland

Security cannot be from the government or the clan alone. It needs to come from both.

Participant at the SOSCENSA consultation