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Sustainable Development Goals: The Quest for a Post-2015 Agenda


With discussions around the new post-2015 development agenda intensifying, it is of paramount importance that the widest possible range of stakeholders is consulted to identify the priorities of different actors. On 13-14 August, the Observer Research Foundation, India, and Saferworld hosted a workshop in Delhi to foster greater understanding of a range of perspectives on the sustainable development goals.

The workshop was attended by international stakeholders from China, Brazil, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and high level representatives from the African Union. If the selected goals and targets are to be legitimate and effective, this level of engagement is important to help secure an inclusive agreement.

This briefing provides a summary of some of the key issues raised by participants during the workshop.

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Date: October 2014
Author: Vivan Sharan, Sunil Suri
Publisher: Observer Research Foundation, Saferworld
Language: English
Region: International
Country: India, UK, International

While the inclusion of peace, governance and justice has been robustly debated by Member States, it is clear that such issues warrant careful consideration".