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SDGs - What, Why and How


One of Saferworld’s key partners in India is the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary by launching a new annual magazine that looks at ten key policy issues that India must engage with.

As part of this series, Saferworld’s Sunil Suri writes about the negotiations on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which culminate later this year. In the article, he makes the case for why a new global development framework is necessary, highlights some of the challenges and opportunities within the post-2015 discussions and lastly, identifies potential steps that India could take to help secure a transformative agreement.

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Date: February 2015
Author: Sunil Suri
Publisher: Observer Research Foundation
Language: English
Region: International

A focus on peace does not mean importing security issues into the development discourse. Instead, there is a pressing need to consider how best development approaches can be leveraged to prevent conflict, and how efforts to build peaceful societies can, in turn, enable development

Sunil Suri