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South and South East Asia

South and South East Asia are regions which have seen extraordinary levels of economic growth and political change over the past few decades, and as such have the potential to generate a significantly positive impact on future global development. 

South and South East Asia

South Asia, for example, is the largest contributor of UN peacekeepers. However, many problems are also shared by countries across the region such as weak governance, corruption, radicalisation and poverty, which create a high potential for conflict between and within countries. The region also has the largest refugee population in the world, the largest number of migrants abroad, and other cross-border issues. Additionally, all countries are very prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and cyclones, creating the risk of further regional insecurity.  

Saferworld has been working in South Asia since 2005 on issues including cooperative approaches to community safety, small arms control, understanding the relationship between gender, peace and security, and supporting key actors in strengthening the security and justice sector. We are currently running programmes and conducting research in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar, as well as engaging with India through our rising powers programme.