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October 2017

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Counter-terror in Tunisia: a road paved with good intentions?

Tunisia – perceived as the sole success story of the Arab uprisings – is also a key battleground in the internationally-backed ‘war on terror’. Drawing on the first-hand accounts of civil society, Tunisian officials, foreign diplomats, and people living in Medenine, Sidi Bouzid and Sidi Hassine, this in-depth article looks at threats to peace and stability in Tunisia and how they are being addressed by the government and international actors. Read Counter-terror in Tunisia: a road paved with good intentions?

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Crossing divisions: building peace between youth in South Sudan

In Wau, inter-ethnic divisions are a key source of violent conflict. Saferworld and partners are working with youth groups from UN protection of civilian sites and communities to build bridges between ethnic groups among the ongoing hostility. Read more.


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Much ado about nothing? Reflections on the third Arms Trade Treaty Conference

The third annual Conference of States Parties to the ATT, which took place in Geneva from 11-15 September 2017, provided a largely familiar tale of frustration and disappointment. Read more.


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Charting the wrong course: EU efforts to stop migration through the Mediterranean

'Respect, safety and dignity for all' should be the cornerstone principles of the EU's approach to migration and displacement. This is far from the case. Read more.



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Women, peace and security and US foreign policy

The UN’s women, peace and security agenda works towards the inclusion and meaningful participation of women in peace and security discussions globally. Our briefing looks at the agenda’s uncertain future in US foreign policy. 


International peace day: new commitments

Saferworld, together with 131 other peacebuilding organisations, delivered a joint message on the International Day of Peace, 21 September 2017.


Peace and justice blog - Ukraine

This month, Ludmila Ceban assesses rule of law in local governance in Ukraine. Read the blog: 'Technical problems, political fixes'. 



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