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August 2017

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Inside Kenya’s war on terror: breaking the cycle of violence in Garissa

Supported by first-hand accounts, our new long-read article takes a closer look at Garissa county, which gained international attention in 2015 after a deadly al-Shabaab attack. We explore how this led to a new approach to security that has united communities and turned the tide against damaging counter-terror strategies.

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Security integration in Myanmar: past experiences and future visions

Myanmar's shifting political landscape has brought signifcant attention to the the country's security sector and the integration of ethnic armed groups. In this report and comment piece, we look to the past and future of Myanmar's transition to peace.


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Brexit and the future of UK arms transfer controls

With the implications of Brexit looking uncertain, this publication hones in on the future of UK arms transfer controls and the UK's changing relationship with the EU regarding control standards. Read the accompanying comment piece here.


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2030 Agenda in the Horn of Africa

Sustainable Development Goal 16 of the United Nation's 2030 Agenda advocates for 'peaceful, just and inclusive societies'. One year from its inception, we explore how it is being implemented in the Horn of Africa.


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Saferworld's strategic plan 2017-21

Explore Saferworld's new strategic plan 2017-21 where we outline our priorities and plans for building peace and preventing conflict across our programmes in the next four years.





The good, the bad and the ugly of rising peace inequality

This month's Justice and Peace blog looks at how the growing peace inequality gap can be addressed. Read the blog here.

Keeping the SDGs on track: 2017 UN High-Level Political Forum

Take a look at our impressions of this year's UN High-Level Political Forum where the main topic of discussion was around progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 16.