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September 2017

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Time to reflect, vote (again) and build a peaceful nation in Kenya

The Kenyan Supreme Court's ruling to annul the results of last month’s presidential election is a rare example of institutional independence in Kenya’s super-charged political environment. This historic court ruling is the first time an African opposition party has successfully challenged the outcome of an election through the courts. Saferworld appeals to communities, politicians, the police, the media and all relevant institutions to work for a peaceful election and use the re-run as an opportunity to address the issues that most concern Kenyans, including corruption, good governance and marginalisation. Our statement urges all to work together for a peaceful and cohesive Kenya. 

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Mining in Uganda

The recent discovery of minerals offers a significant opportunity for Uganda. But investments in the sector also create and fuel tensions. Saferworld spoke to communities living in mining areas to explore how they’re affected. Our research reveals significant gaps between policy and practice in how investors operate.


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Using street art to build trust in Kyrgyzstan

Many people don't trust police in Kyrgyzstan given historical misconduct and corruption. Street art in Osh is improving communication and building trust between communities and the police. Find out how.



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Nepali voices for peace

In Nepal, we've worked alongside civil society to track, prepare for and respond to violent incidents to minimise harm to people and communities. Find out more about our 'early warning, early response' approach in Nepal.



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International youth day: young people for change

Young people have huge potential to create change. For International Youth Day, we explore how Saferworld works with young people.

Challenging gender norms as a mother and activist in Kyrgyzstan

Activist and mother-of-four Shahsanam Akmatalieva is changing gender perceptions in Suzak. Read Shahsanam's story.