How to use this database

It is possible to examine reporting by individual countries in detail, and to compare reporting by different countries.

Country comparisonCountry comparison

Get dataSelect countries – If you want to view information regarding just one state, click the box by that state only and then click “Get data” – If you want to compare a number of countries click the boxes by those countries and then click “Get data”

fractionsThe ‘fractions’ indicate the number of elements within each category that a country reports on


Each category can be expanded to display the elements within it

Green tick indicates a “yes” and red cross indicates a “no”

Country listHover your cursor over an element to see a list and the number of countries which actually report on this element

Extra infoSome ticks and crosss also contain further information

Add country

You can also add a country to comparison

Remove country

– or remove a country from the comparison

Country profile

There is also a short narrative on each national report which can be accessed by clicking on the country name