Warpod Reckoning with 9/11 episode 3: Overreach in Iraq

In the third episode of Warpod's special series ‘Reckoning with 9/11’, hosts Larry Attree and Delina Goxho are joined by Emma Sky, author of ‘The Unravelling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq’, who served as political advisor to General Odierno, the commander of US Forces in Iraq and Renad Mansour, senior research fellow and project director of the Iraq Initiative at Chatham House, to reflect on how the war on terror became connected to the push to topple Saddam Hussein and the consequences it unleashed in Iraq.

This special Warpod series ‘Reckoning with 9/11’ is created by Saferworld with support from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, and produced by the Podcast Company. 

Please note the views and opinions expressed during the podcast are those of the contributors featured. They are not necessarily the views or opinions of Saferworld.

Further reflections from guests and co-hosts on the consequences of 9/11 and where we go from here are available at Just Security. The third article by Renad Mansour can be found here: 'Iraqi Elections, Coming Again Soon, Still Don’t Deliver Democracy'.

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