Warpod Reckoning with 9/11 episode 5: Evolutions: Remote Warfare & CVE

The fifth episode of Warpod's special series ‘Reckoning with 9/11’ episode considers how the war on terror evolved as problems mounted, especially looking at the rise of Remote Warfare and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programmes. To explore the rise of remote warfare and its impact on communities in conflict-affected countries, hosts Larry Attree and Delina Goxho are joined by Dan Mahanty, Director of CIVIC's U.S. Program, Victoria Ohaeri, founder and director of Spaces For Change, and Abigail Watson, Saferworld’s Conflict and Security Policy Coordinator.

Then to discuss CVE, our hosts are joined by Graeme Simpson, Director of Interpeace USA and Lead Author of the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security, and Jordan Street, Saferworld’s Policy and Advocacy Adviser. 

This special Warpod series ‘Reckoning with 9/11’ is created by Saferworld with support from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, and produced by the Podcast Company.

Please note the views and opinions expressed during the podcast are those of the contributors featured. They are not necessarily the views or opinions of Saferworld.

Further reflections from guests and co-hosts on the consequences of 9/11 and where we go from here are available at Just Security. This episode's accompanying article by Annie Shiel, Jordan Street and Abigail Watson can be found here: 'Insight Into Biden’s Counterterrorism Thinking Suggests More of the Same'.

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