Community safety and security

Across Nepal, insecurity and instability is often the cause of violence and conflict. Protests and rallies, particularly in the Terai, Far-West and Mid-West regions, continue to take place in opposition to the 2015 constitution that devolves power to newly-demarcated federal states. The structures and ways in which power is proposed to be devolved do not enjoy the full confidence of ethnic and marginalised minorities, who fear their continued exclusion. However, some people maintain that a new constitution, however imperfect, will allow for a move towards development and will help to bring stability and security to the Nepalese people.

Saferworld tackles problems of insecurity and vulnerability in daily life. We do this in collaboration with our local partners, the police and communities affected by conflict and violence. Projects have included supporting communities to establish new policing posts, innovative community outreach dialogues, and changing negative perceptions towards police authorities. On a broader level, we have directly engaged with the Nepal Police Research and Planning Directorate to promote fair and accountable policing through evidence-based investigation.

We work in partnership to build early warning and early response systems for local communities, so that they are informed on news and incidents across the country. Using online technology, people can report incidents, thus helping organisations to respond to concerns, and contributing to peace and security.