Gender, peace and security

Varying cultural expectations of men and women is a central source of potential violence in Pakistan. Women and girls face a range of discriminatory and harmful practices that threaten their security – sexual and gender-based violence, ‘honour killings’ (where women are killed by relatives who believe they have dishonoured their families) and rape. Many informal justice providers such as elder courts or jirgas also contribute to insecurity, through handing out unfair punishments to women and girls.

Saferworld works to improve access to justice for women and girls – as they are generally more   marginalised and less able to make use of the courts in order to address their concerns. We help find ways in which women can play an active role in addressing violence, insecurity and disputes within their communities. Our work with communities also involves sessions on gender issues.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province we work with the police to raise their awareness of the unique challenges faced by women and girls. In particular, we equip them with skills to respond more sensitively to cases of domestic violence.