Pakistan is a country of over 200 million people. Despite rapid economic progress in recent years, it still faces formidable social, economic, security and governance challenges including limited access to an efficient justice system.

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Saferworld focuses on two areas of work strategically aligned with the needs of communities and the vision of the government, as set out in its foreign policy and commitment to developing semi-formal justice mechanisms. We bring people together within their communities to collaborate on tackling issues that can fuel grievances. We focus on ensuring our community programming is inclusive and representative of all segments of society where we work.

Saferworld is also privileged to support regional dialogues between Pakistan and its neighbouring countries that seek to promote economic and other exchanges. This work is aimed at generating economic development and greater levels of dialogue to the benefit of people across South Asia.

In Pakistan we are working on:

Inclusive justice – we work to increase access to justice for communities in Pakistan.

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Gender, peace and security – we promote gender equality in Pakistan.

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Multi-track diplomacy – we support existing dialogues between Pakistan and its neighbours.

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