Photo credit: Daniel Vegel/SPP
Photo credit: Daniel Vegel/SPP


China wields enormous political and economic influence: it is the world's second largest economy and one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Due to a growing trade in arms, and China's expansive development campaign (known as the Belt and Road Initiative) that aims to stimulate trade and economic growth across Asia, China is a major player on matters relating to global security.

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Saferworld has been working on issues relating to China since 2004. We work with Chinese companies operating in Africa and Asia to help them to be more sensitive to issues that could cause tensions and violence within communities and to ensure that they do not fuel conflict but instead contribute to peace.

We also work with Chinese export control officials, researchers, government ministries and businesses to help them understand and comply with international regulations on the transfer of arms and dual-use items.

"There needs to be a fundamental shift away from a business-only mind-set, to one that acknowledges local realities. There also needs to be high-level buy-in to ensure that resources are set aside – for example, to designate a community liaison – to engage with local people”.

Zhang Hui, China Programme Manager

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