Peace Research Partnership

In 2017, Saferworld, Conciliation Resources and International Alert began a three-year research programme, the Peace Research Partnership*, on key processes that contribute to peace. Funded by UK aid from the UK government, the research focuses on a range of conflict-affected regions and approaches, including economic development, political settlements and institutional reforms. We also look at ways to address gender drivers of conflict. The programme will generate knowledge, lessons and recommendations tailored to policymakers and practitioners working on peace and security. 

Saferworld focuses on three key areas:

The first looks at how donors can help support inclusive and accountable government institutions in conflict-affected and fragile contexts like Kenya and Somalia. The second examines how to foster inclusive and accountable security provision in contexts where there are multiple local security actors, both state and non-state, focusing on Myanmar and South Sudan. And the third explores how notions of masculinity and femininity influence political participation in contexts like Uganda and Yemen, and the implications for peacebuilding.

In all aspects of the programme, consortium members will consider how gender interacts with peacebuilding, security and justice. 

*Note: In its first year, the programme was known as Global Security Rapid Analysis (GSRA) 


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