Peace Research Partnership

The Peace Research Partnership (PRP) aims to enhance programming and policy on conflict and security issues by the UK government and other policymakers, as well as by practitioners. It is a consortium of the UK’s three leading peacebuilding NGOs: Conciliation ResourcesInternational Alert and Saferworld. In 2017, PRP began a four-year programme to generate evidence and recommendations for policymakers and practitioners on how to support peaceful and inclusive change in conflict-affected areas.

The consortium has produced a range of research outputs, documenting the research findings and proposing recommendations. These focus on inclusive peace processes (Conciliation Resources), inclusive economic development (International Alert), and on inclusive security and justice, and decentralisation (Saferworld), as well as on gender and peacebuilding. In all aspects of the programme, consortium members have considered how gender interacts with peacebuilding and inclusion.

Now in its fourth year, the PRP consortium is working with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to develop practical methods to apply the evidence and learning generated by the research.