Rising powers and peacebuilding

Countries with growing levels of influence and economic power – such as China, Russia or India – are increasingly engaged in conflict-affected countries. Their actions can directly affect the safety of people who live there, whether through trade, aid or military action.

It is crucial that these ‘rising powers’ act in a way that promotes peace rather than increase tensions. We have researched  the impact that countries have in conflict-affected states, and use this evidence to inform international policy debates and encourage engagement that is mindful of different contexts.

A main focus for Saferworld is China, where we have worked with Chinese companies and the government to make sure that projects in Africa and Asia are sensitive to the complicated conflict environments in which they operate. Building on this foundation, we analysed the development, peacebuilding and foreign policies of other major powers including India, Turkey, South Africa, Russia and Brazil. We shared our findings with policymakers and organisations around the world, and have promoted dialogue between emerging powers and conflict-affected countries in order to promote understanding and cooperation.     


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