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Promoting peace and coexistence in Yemen

20 April 2016

A campaign promoting peace and coexistence in Yemen has been launched by Yemeni youth in partnership with youth-led NGO House of Ideas, and with support from Saferworld.

The campaign, called Let’s Coexist, aims to promote peace and social cohesion, emphasise Yemeni citizens’ shared values and beliefs, and support conflict resolution by increasing people’s readiness for tolerance and reconciliation.

A video launching the campaign features Yemenis talking about what they like about Yemen and expressing their desire for an end to the conflict.

“The country has been going through a very devastating time. Yemenis aspire for permanent peace and social justice. Stopping the war is the ultimate goal but dealing with its ugly consequences and the devastating impact on social ties can start from now”, say the campaign team.

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“Yemenis aspire for permanent peace and social justice.”

Let's Coexist Yemen