Why is corruption an injustice?

3 April 2017 Patrick Alley

In this 15-minute podcast, Global Witness's director and co-founder Patrick Alley explains why corruption can be considered an injustice, and describes how it drives conflict.


Patrick Alley, Director and Co-founder of Global Witness. Since co-founding Global Witness and posing as a timber buyer in Global Witness's first investigation into the Thai Khmer Rouge timber trade in 1995, Patrick has taken part in over fifty field investigations in South East Asia, Africa and Europe and in subsequent advocacy activities. Patrick is currently leading Global Witness's research into the failure of the predominant economic model to address inequality and environmental damage - two of the most urgent and critical issues of our time. In addition, he is involved in the strategic leadership of Global Witness.

“Corruption is the countries that are rich in resources getting poorer... It is not only an injustice but in fact the root cause of many human rights abuses”

Patrick Alley, Global Witness