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Twenty seven religious, civic and peacebuilding organisations call for calm in Kenya: statement

30 October 2017

Twenty seven religious, civic and peacebuilding organisations and youth associations have called for calm ahead of the outcome of the October 26 presidential elections.

Statement on the 26 October elections

Monday 30 October 2017

Moment of silence in honour of Bishop Cornelius Korir – Peacebuilder

Twenty seven religious, civic and peacebuilding organisations and youth associations have come together to collectively address the current political tension and call for calm ahead of the outcome of the October 26 presidential elections.

Very tragically, the highly contested 8th August elections 2017 elections tainted by illegalities and irregularities have given way to intense polarisation, electoral based violence and have become a death trap for the people of Kenya.

The current political crisis is too deep to be resolved by the October 26 election or through our courts. It can only be resolved through a national dialogue between Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee Party and Raila Odinga and NASA. We call on our elders, leaders of civic and religious association and private sector agencies to remain non-partisan and offer mediation at national and local levels.

Excessive use of force by the state security agencies on defenseless citizens must stop. The agencies must enforce law and order and allow peaceful dissent while assuring the safety of citizens. The continued use of live rounds is totally unacceptable in a public order scenario.

We also call on NASA to embrace dialogue and use lawful and non-violent means to express their dissatisfaction with these elections and other long-standing grievances.

We must hold the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and all our public institutions accountable to the constitution and the rule of law. The use of force and fear by any party must be set aside now.

We urge on NASA and JP elected leaders to hold bi-partisan rallies in areas where there is the likelihood of violence. Ethnic profiling and tensions make ethnic based violence predictable. Our leaders must pre-empt this or be condemned by the deaths and suffering the current path will generate.

As our national school examinations start today, we must ensure that all our children are able to sit their exams in a conducive environment which ever county they come from. The current crisis must not disadvantage any of our children.

Lastly, we call on the Kenyan people to be calm as IEBC finalises the tallying, results transmission and announces the October 26 election results. We have only one country to call home. For those aggrieved by these elections, we urge them to seek lawful options within the framework of our constitution.

God bless Kenya.

This statement is signed by over twenty organisations and associations as well as individuals working nationally to reduce elections related violence, promote local and national dialogue and create a national consensus on the current political crisis.






Inter-Religious Council of Kenya


Community of Just Peace Practitioners – Kenya





Chapter One Kenya

Horn of Africa Women Empowerment Network - Kenyan Agency

Grand Synergy Development Initiative





County Governance Watch

Chemchemi ya Ukweli


Women and Youth Community Action Network






Kenya National Council of Elders


Kenya National Committee for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and All Forms of Discrimination

Green String Network






Afrika Youth Movement

Africa Youth Peace Network-Kenya Chapter

Friends in Peace and Community Development





Civic Enlightenment Network

One Nation under God (ONUG)

Kenya Peace Conference



Peace Ambassadors Kenya



University and Collages Students Peace Association of Kenya (UCSPAK)



Rotary Peace Fellows Alumni – Kenya Chapter






Pamoja for Transformation            Footprints for Change                                 Rural Women Peace Link



Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA)        Horn of Africa Development Initiative     Co-Exist Initiative