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Yemen can't wait

19 December 2017 Saferworld

This month marks 1000 days since the war in Yemen escalated.

It’s a war which has turned the Middle East’s poorest country into the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, leaving Yemen ravaged by preventable diseases and on the verge of a historic famine. 

That’s why Saferworld joined 350 others, from artists to academics and Nobel laureates, in calling on Prime Minister May, President Trump and President Macron to act now at the UN Security Council, and use their influence to ensure Yemen doesn’t suffer for one day longer.

Yemen can’t wait. Will you join us?

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Read Saferworld’s statement on Yemen: ‘Quiet diplomacy isn’t working’

"Millions of Yemeni women, men and children feel abandoned by global leaders who seem to put profit and politics above human lives. Quiet diplomacy has failed to curb violation after violation by the warring parties."