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SDG16+ in action: making global commitments local realities

10 May 2018

Sustainable Development Goal 16+ (SDG16+) unites efforts to create more peaceful, just and inclusive societies around the world. But how does it translate into practical action? In our two latest films, we explore how SDG16+ can support and strengthen peace.

In 2015, UN Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which made ‘peaceful, just and inclusive societies’ a global priority. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 – one of the 17 goals – includes targets that address drivers of conflict such as injustice, corruption and political exclusion. Many targets under other SDGs, like those on inequality and gender, are also essential for realising peaceful, just and inclusive societies, so the term ‘SDG16+’ is increasingly used to describe these interlinked commitments across the 2030 Agenda.

SDG16+ provides a framework to strengthen and link up action on peace-related issues, but it will not drive change on its own. It depends on change makers and reformers to take action on obstacles to peace, justice and inclusion in their own contexts. Saferworld has been working with governments and civil society in the Horn of Africa to raise awareness of SDG16+, identify priority issues in each specific context and to mobilise partners to take action.

Our videos

Saferworld: SDG16+ in action – How can SDG16+ help build more peaceful, just and inclusive societies? Watch how Saferworld advocated for peace to be included in the SDGs, and how we have been working since to help turn the global agreement into national action.

Saferworld: An SDG16+ story in Somaliland – Featuring interviews with Abdijalil Dahir Afqarshe, Guileid Ahmed Jama and Zainab Hassan, find out how we are working with partners to support the implementation of SDG16+ in Somaliland.