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Celebrating International Day of Peace

21 September 2019

In the face of mounting violence, today’s International Day of Peace is a chance to showcase the positive impact of peacebuilding across the world. Whether women in South Sudan who are overcoming divisions by sharing gifts, or activists who are using art to challenge the constraints of conflict in Yemen – conflict-affected communities should be at the heart of peacebuilding efforts. 

Too often, violence is met by further violence that does not address the underlying causes of conflict. We support constructive approaches to peace that prioritise cooperation, inclusivity, justice and respect for human rights. These are the vital steps that are needed to put us on the path towards making peace possible.

Here are a few things we have been working on over the past few months to build more peaceful societies:

"Breaking the chains of fear"

In South Sudan, we hear how a group of women are organising visits and sharing household items to overcome years of ethnic tensions. 

Time to invest: how to support action on SDG16+

Our briefing outlines what kind of SDG16+ support needs to be provided to help realise global commitments to peace and justice made in the 2030 Agenda

From Batken, Jalal-Abad and Osh to Frankfurt and Marburg: sharing ideas on diversity, tolerance and peacebuilding

A recent youth exchange from Kyrgyzstan to Germany highlighted some of the shared challenges young people face around the world, and also provided some lessons and cultural insights for its participants.

People-centred security: perspectives from south east Myanmar

In this collection of stories from Myanmar, we hear from people who have taken crucial steps to improving security in their communities.

Talking Peace Festival

Today is the Talking Peace Festival at Flat Iron Square in London. Join us for a day of film, food, art, music and talks to learn more about the urgent issues of peace and conflict around the world, and the importance of peacebuilding.