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Saferworld supports the call for a global ceasefire

1 May 2020 Saferworld supports the call for a global ceasefire

On 23 March, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for an immediate global ceasefire to reinforce diplomatic action, help create conditions for the delivery of lifesaving aid, and bring hope to places that are among the most vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. Saferworld stands in solidarity with our partners and people facing conflict worldwide to call for a global ceasefire now.

Saferworld joins over 250 organisations calling for a global ceasefire to support those affected by conflict and violence as they tackle the novel conoravirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are already seeing incredible responses from our partners and civil society organisations in places affected by conflict, who are adapting to the outbreak of the virus and urging the response to prioritise human security.

To turn this call into a reality, the world’s most powerful and influential nations need to take meaningful action. The UN Security Council has been paralysed by in-fighting, seriously undermining the possibility for the call for action to spread. Those who are already supporting the call need to be backed by efforts that contribute to reducing violent conflict and working for peace.

These measures will include:

  • stopping fueling wars with any new arms transfers or sales
  • maximising diplomatic efforts
  • investing in inclusive peacebuilding for long-term solutions, which puts women and civil society at the centre
  • working to tackle the horrifying surge in domestic violence during lockdowns

“The UN must push for, and we must support its call for, a global ceasefire, to pressure the conflict parties to achieve this ceasefire in Yemen.” Muaadh al-Soufi of the National Organisation for Community Development, Saferworld’s partner in Taiz, Yemen.

“Let us all together join hands and stand in solidarity to face this pandemic that has already taken tens of thousands of humans around the world.” Bahia al-Saqqaf of Alf Ba Civilization and Coexistence Foundation, Saferworld’s partner in Aden, Yemen.

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Photo: Saferworld staff, civil society and communities release a flight of white doves to represent the role of women in peace in Aden, Yemen.