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New Africa-China-Europe (A-C-E) project website now live – find out more

27 July 2020

The ‘A-C-E Project on arms in Africa’ promotes multilateral dialogue and cooperation to prevent the illicit trade and diversion of arms and ammunition in Africa. On 31 July 2019, the Council of the European Union activated Decision (CFSP) 2019/1298 in support of a three year project (2019 – 2022) to be implemented by Saferworld with support from the Security Research & Information Centre and the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association. The purpose of this project is to contribute to preventing and combating the diversion of arms and ammunition into and within Africa, with an initial focus on three countries situated in different sub-regions of the continent. Three case studies will illustrate and contrast the experience of small arms and light weapons proliferation and misuse in the different contexts with a view to informing progress towards the project’s long-term goal to strengthen regional and international cooperation in tackling the diversion of arms and ammunition into and within Africa.

Central to the project is a non-governmental Expert Working Group (EWG) on conventional arms control. The EWG will focus on: increasing public awareness and engagement on issues related to the illicit trade and diversion of arms and ammunition into and inside Africa; promoting compliance with existing regulations and recommending new policies; and increasing cooperation and action between policy-makers in Africa, China and the EU to tackle diversion and reduce arms-related violence.

The new A-C-E Project website is the main channel for communicating about the project and the activities of the EWG. Visit the website to:

The website was created and maintained with the financial support of the European Union as part of Council Decision (CFSP) 2019/1298.

Check out the new A-C-E Project website here, also available in Chinese here.

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