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Security Policy Change Project

21 August 2020 Security Policy Change Project

We are sad to hear that Oxford Research Group (ORG) will end operations at the end of this year, due to funding issues. ORG have been a great ally of Saferworld in working to improve responses to conflict and instability through rigorous research and effective advocacy.

Despite this difficult news, we are pleased to be continuing some of the important work of ORG. In September, with the support of Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, we will be sustaining ORG’s Remote Warfare Programme under a new name: the Security Policy Change Project. Through our combined expertise and experience, the project will promote evidence-based security policy reform as a part of our overall programme on peacebuilding responses to crises and threats.

Over the next two years, this project will focus on:

1. Measuring effects: Building dialogue and pushing for positive policy changes in remote warfare, and developing a system for measuring effectiveness that alleviates the drivers of instability.

2. Understanding partnered operations: Conducting research into British approaches to operations with partners, to provide evidence to push for change and promote the voices of civil society in conflict-affected countries.

3. Special Forces: Interviewing British politicians to understand their views on the acceptable use of UK Special Forces and promoting oversight of UK Special Forces by the UK parliament.

As part of the transition, Abigail Watson will be joining Saferworld’s Global Policy and Advocacy team, strengthening our programme to promote peacebuilding responses in solidarity with activists and communities in places affected by conflict.


Photo: A soldier with 1 Mechanized Brigade is silhouetted against the setting Afghan sun. © Crown Copyright 2013.