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Saferworld stands in solidarity with all the people of Palestine

20 May 2021 Saferworld stands in solidarity with all the people of Palestine

Saferworld condemns the war crimes being committed against the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of May 2021, the Israeli military has been indiscriminately bombing Gaza by air, sea and land, killing hundreds of civilians. This is a continuation of the ongoing siege that began fifteen years ago. The siege and the wider military occupation of Palestine are both contraventions of international law.  

While Israeli civilians have also been unlawfully killed due to indiscriminate rocket fire from militant groups in Gaza, the context for the current violence is the Israeli state's ongoing policies which support ethnic cleansing, and the failure of Palestinians’ peaceful efforts to end the systematic oppression they have faced.  

For decades now, Palestinians have been subjected to daily state sanctioned violence and unequal access to water, education, jobs, travel, land and healthcare. Israeli state colonial settler policies have been pursued for over 60 years, with the current focus on seizures and demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem and the West Bank and the unjust eviction of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. Collectively, this has created an apartheid state in Israel and Palestine.

As an international peacebuilding organisation that seeks a just and peaceful end to wars around the world through tackling the root causes of conflict, and to hold the powerful to account over the perpetuation of injustice and violence, we believe Palestinians and Israelis will not be able to live in peace until the Israeli state ends the occupation, including the siege of Gaza, and brings an end to its policy of apartheid. The Israeli authorities must be held accountable for their systematic and premeditated violence against the Palestinian people. 

We are committed to speaking out against oppression, discrimination and human rights violations, and we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people who are not only facing an immediate threat to life but long-term severe psychological trauma.

Photo: A Palestinian man walks past the destroyed Al-Shuruq building in Gaza City on May 20, 2021 after it was bombed by an Israeli air strike. Credit: MAHMUD HAMS / AFP